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NRF E-Sports Serie

Norges Rugbyforbund satser på E-sport!

Vi har utviklet et eget konsept som har beregnet på barn og unge: En representant fra NRF kommer til din klubb og sammen med ungdommene i klubben arrangerer vi en E-sport dag. Dagen er åpen for medlemmer i klubben, men her er det mulig å ta med venner og introdusere de for rugby.

Her kan du lese mer om konseptet:
E-Rugby Day Event Script (003)

I tillegg har vi egne turneringer:
Hver klubb vil velge et medlem  som deres representant for turneringen. her oppfordrer vi til å engasjere ungdommene i klubben.  Hvis det er behov for en annen spiller per kamp, ​​er det tillatt. Turneringen vil følge samme format som normalt, med en kamp som spilles per uke, og poengsystemet forblir det samme. Målet for dette prosjektet er å holde nåværende medlemmer aktive og tilkoblet samtidig som de prøver å rekruttere og engasjere nye potensielle medlemmer. Dette prosjektet vil fungere som en reklamemekanisme for forbundet i å prøve å øke tilgjengeligheten til bevissthet om sporten.

Spillene vil bli streamet live over et system kalt TWITCH, som deretter blir lagt ut på NRFs Facebook-side og muligens YouTube-siden som gjør den mer tilgjengelig.

In english:

Rugby union is a sport that requires contact, this could be from passing the ball, tackling someone or 16 people in close contact for a scrum. When the Coronavirus pandemic started, we (like many sports) had to stop playing immediately. Due to the level of contact in our sport, it also meant that we started back later than others too. If we didn’t come up with a solution, we were looking at a long period without live rugby in Norway. This is where E-Rugby came to the rescue.


E-Sport is an activity that is growing more than anything else. It combine two things that  people love, sports and video games. It offers a new access route into sport for many that may have felt forgotten or left out. Any sport when in E form is accessible to all regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, size of physical ability. It really is the inclusive sport for all, and the more popular it becomes, the more sports will be made into video games. For example, FIFA was one of the largest video games and now it has been joined by NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Rugby and many more.


When the lockdowns started we jumped on the chance to bring E-Sport into Norwegian rugby. It was something we had been looking at for a while but this gave us the perfect opportunity. We set up a temporary league to fill the time when the normal in person on would have been. We had 5 clubs made of 4 union clubs and one wheelchair ruby club. After the successful 6 week run, we realised quickly that this project appeals to the younger audience. Because of this we have now began to visit clubs to host recruitment days revolving around the idea of E-Rugby, The NRF E-Rugby Day was born. We have hosted a few of these already since starting in Horten back in July. When we visited Bergen we had 20 kids aged 10-17 and had a great day.


One of the biggest parts of the E-day is to introduce people new and old to the sport. It is an easy way for people to see the game, get involved and try learn the rules! We would also spend some of the day doing real drills outside and spend time few any questions about rugby (for parents and children). In  September we had a National men’s senior team training weekend at Olympiatoppen in Oslo. On the Saturday afternoon we invited Sagene rugby klubb to bring their members aged 11-18. We arranged for a few of the national team players to appear and speak to the children and their parents and then after playing some E-Rugby they came down to the pitch and did some training with us and our coaches. It was great afternoon and the children were so happy to see the national team train and even happier that they got to join in!


E-Sport is a great asset to the NRF. It gives us a whole new avenue to recruit new members and to excite and engage the current ones too. We follow along with the times and progress into a new era. We live in a country with cities far apart, big and small and E-rugby gives them all a chance to compete with each there regardless of size, age and experience at the click of the Button. Who knows, maybe we can Crete a top tier international competition where Norway leads the way.

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