E-Sports Tournament

“The Virtual E-Sports Tournament”.

For what started out as a temporary alternative to rugby during the Coronavirus pandemic, has turned into a fantastic adventure for the NRF. E-Sport as a fast growing branch of the sporting world tree and we at the NRF that it is the perfect way to grow our brand and try to forge a new path for Rugby. We hosted our first E-rugby tournament back in November, hosting 6 men’s Rugby union teams 1 of which being the new exciting Sandefjord rugby club. After 6 great weeks Bergen were crowned champions with Horten and Sandefjord in 2./3. Place. Following its success, We hosted a short “Jule Cup” over the Christmas period with 3 Men’s teams and special guests Klyve Rullestol Rugby Klubb represented by one of their young junior members.

The aim for this adventure is to keep current members active and connected while also trying to recruit and engage new prospective members. It will act as an advertising mechanism for the federation in trying to grow the accessibility an awareness of the sport. it is the one time we can all play rugby together in the same fashion despite ages, gender, accessibiltiy or ability; it truly is an exciting time with much more in store!

E-Rugby News

After the two very successful tournaments, the NRF are keen to keep this project active and alive! The is plenty more E-Sprot action coming your way!

  • We plan to diversify our tournaments; by continuing to invite more teams to participate. this is one of the few times for men and women of all ages, backgrounds beliefs and skill level to all play together!
  • We want to reach out to more clubs! Use E-Rugby as a recruitment tool by reaching new audiences and ages. The game game be used to introduce younger kids to the sport as an easy access and then hopefully develop into a love for the game to take it up for real!
  • Grow the E-sport community internationally! We want to participate in international tournaments and fixtures!
  • Lead the way through Europe with this fantastic new venture.

Keep an eye out for any updates here on the website OR on our social media platforms!



(Horten RK 2. Plass / Sandefjord RK 3. Plass

after play-off finals).



(Horten RK 2. Plass / Bergen RK 3. Plass After play-off finals).

NRF 2020 E-Rugby Serie Table

NRF E-Rugby Jule Cup 2020

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