E-Sports Tournament

It has been a very long time since we have been able to play rugby of any kind, and we may still have to wait a while until we can again. However, alternatives are always appearing to help us fill the time till we do! The NRF are about to release a new project to keep clubs and members involved and engaged during these unprecedented times. In the current environment, we will not be able to play rugby anytime soon due to social distancing. So, the NRF have devised a plan to bring rugby to everyone in safety of their homes and the comfort of their sofas.

“The Virtual E-Sports Tournament”.

The plan is for us to recreate the Norwegian Serie into a virtual rugby tournament which will be played over the video game RUGBY 20. Each Club will put forward a member (male/female of any age) to be their representative for the tournament. The tournament will follow the same format as normal, with clubs playing one match being per week and the point system will stay the same.

The aim for this project is to keep current members active and connected while also trying to recruit and engage new prospective members. This project will act as an advertising mechanism for the federation in trying to grow the accessibility an awareness of the sport.

Results Table

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