New sponsor for the 7s mens team

Vortex Rugby is an apparel company that creates rugby apparel for everyday life. Our mission is to incorporate players’ creativity on the field into apparel they can be proud to wear off the field.

Vortex Rugby create apparel for the rugby athlete for their every day life.

NRF had a chat with the founder of Vortex Rugby, Espen Campbell:

Founder of Vortex Rugby Espen Campbell wants to help Norwegian rugby grow.

-What do you want to contribute to NRF? 

-A sponsorship and the ability to help grow rugby outside of the big nations. We want to help players take off some of the financial load and help the sport grow through events and social media.

-Why do you love rugby?

Rugby is community, its friendship, it’s character building, and inclusive. Rugby is a sport for everyone but it’s also a place where you can be yourself. The game itself is also way more fun than anything else!

-Why sponsor a Norwegian team? 

-I  grew up in San Francisco, went to university at Fordham in New York City, but my family is from Mo I Rana, Norway, played rugby in HS, college and men’s. Now I live in Portugal as I work for a remote tech company that allows me to open up my time to rugby”

I have seen a lack of opportunities for player growth and growing the sport. As the sport is becoming more international, Vortex would like to be a helping hand where we can, and we want to start at home, says Espen Cambell

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