How to use Profixio!

NRF has transitioned to a new licensing and tournament system through Profixio.

NRF has transitioned to a new licensing and tournament system through Profixio. The system is linked to NIF, making it possible to retrieve players from the club’s members.

To participate in tournaments and/or league play, players must have a valid license. This means that the license type must be correct, and the license must be paid for.

How the license system works:
Team leaders register a team for a tournament. The team leader must log in with Idrettens ID. The team leader must have the role of license manager (club) to add players. This function is added in Sportsadmin or by contacting NIF support for assistance.

The team leader adds players.
If a player is not already on the team, the player must be retrieved from NIF’s player register. When a player is selected AND the player does not have a valid license, an email is sent to the player with information that the player must choose a license and pay. If a player has already paid the license via an external system(Vipps), the player clicks a button that sends an email to the federation. Now the federation can approve the player’s license after checking in its internal system.

How does a player get their license?
A player can only either choose a new license OR inform the federation that the license has already been paid, from the email the player receives from the system. A player receives an email when a team leader registers the player for their team, and the player does NOT have a valid license in our system.

If a player has paid the license via Vipps

If a player has already paid the license, NRF will have information about it. For the license for such players to be updated with us, the federation must approve the license. This happens when the player reports to the federation, via the Profixio system, that they have a valid license.

How to register your players

  1. This is the link to the tournament you will use:

This is a “dummy” tournament created for you as a club leader to retrieve players from the Norwegian Sports Association (NIF) database, who can later be selected for tournaments organized by NRF.

  1. Log in, register your team, and retrieve players The club leader MUST log in with their Idrettens ID. The reason is that the club leader will then have access to NIF’s player register to retrieve individuals for their club. If you log in without Idrettens ID, you will NOT be able to retrieve players from NIF.

The club leader must register a “dummy” team for this license tournament based on their club. The choice of the club is not permanently linked to the team leader, so in the next tournament, the same team leader can choose another club.
NOTE: Only players from the selected club can be selected from the player register for NIF. This is because the registrant is associated with a club at NIF and thus only has access to data related to the club.

  1. How can players choose a license and pay?

Once the club leader has registered their “dummy” team, players can be retrieved. Click the “Edit players” button. Then click “Add players” as shown. If the player does not appear in the list, click “Retrieve people from NIF.” When a player is retrieved from the NIF database and added to the club, the player will receive an automatic email asking them to choose a license (as well as the option to pay directly).

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