We are thrilled to welcome you to the 2022 WWR European Qualification Championship International Wheelchair Rugby Tournament!

The 10 teams that are battling for three spots at the 2023 WWR European Championship in Cardiff, Wales are:

  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Finland
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Sweden

About Wheelchair Rugby

Originally called “Murderball” by its Canadian inventors, Wheelchair Rugby has evolved into one of the most exhilarating sports at the Paralympic Games.
It is a unique sport created in 1977 in Winnipeg, Canada by a group of quadriplegic athletes looking for an alternative to wheelchair basketball which would allow players with reduced arm and hand function to participate equally.
Wheelchair rugby is a team sport for male and female athletes with a mobility-related disability in at least three limbs.
The object of the game is to carry the ball across the opposing team’s goal line.

Players must meet the minimum disability criteria of the sport and must be classifiable under the sport classification rules.

Wheelchair Rugby was recognized as a full medal sport for the first time at the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia. World Championships and the Paralympics are held every 4 years.

Currently, there are more than forty countries that actively participate in the sport of wheelchair rugby, or who are developing programs within their nation.


The event will also be streamed on the Norwegian Rugby Federation Facebook page.


Team Manager: Rene Hernesz
Head Coach: Janusz Kozak

3.0 Bruno Bosnjak
3.5 Rene Hernesz
1.5 Andreas Jurik
2.0 Christian Jurik
1.5 Dominik Perner
1.0 Isudin Ramic
2.0 Peter Schloffer
TBD Christian Binder
TBD Nick Jurik

Markus Binder
Mario Fürst
Selina Wlattnig

Team Manager: Lucie Moravcova
Head Coach: David Lukes

1.5 Jiri Plesko
2.0 Filip Varton
1.5 Petr Oppenauer
2.5 Jan Mikeska
2.0 Marek Vasa
2.0 Valter Ronisch
1.0 Tomas Moravik
2.0 David Mecera
0.5 David Lukes

Jan Kozdera
Jiří Pokuta

Team Manager: Thomas Jalas
Head Coach: Ross Morrison

0.5 Anna Pasanen
1.5 Antti Sinisaari
1.5 Toni Piispanen
2.0 Tuukka Nisso
3.0 Juuso Nuotio
3.0 Mauri Vironmäki

Teemu Janhunen
Heli Sinisaari
Maria Pasanen

Team Manager: Lynn Cromie
Head Coach: Eleanor Lucey

0.5 John McCarthy
TBD Alan Patterson
TBD Jade Flynn Hurley
3.0 Deidre Mongan
TBD Christopher Meneilly
3.0 Alan Dineen
3.0 Jonathan Mulhall

Michael Kearney
Teresa Dineen
Alan Dodds

Team Manager: David Weinreb
Head Coach: Shlomi Spivak

0.5 Adi Guweta
1.0 Ofer Gips
1.0 Ziv ben Ishay
1.5 Alon Nigri
1.5 Yosef Koren
2.0 Shir Tereza
2.0 Mordechai Zidkiyaho
2.5 Neria moshe Karsenty

Milena Maladziozhkin
Asher Buzaglo

Head Coach: Martin van Hinte

0.5 Scott van Polen
1.0 Reda Haouam
1.0 Hugo van Iersel
1.0 Ben Bazuin
2.0 Hector Loma
2.0 Jop van der Laan
2.0 Ruben van de Laar
2.5 Emilio Moes
2.5 Arne van Egmond
3.0 Resul Karabulut
3.0 Davy van den Dop
3.0 Timothy Falorni

Angelique van Polen
Pim Sweers
Joelle van Houts
Wesley Wajon

Team Manager: Erik Baret
Head Coach: Martin Farmen
Assistant Coach: Ole Flote

TBD Cristian Camilo Breivik
TBD Marius Nielsen
TBD Stig Anders Johnsen
2.0 Marius Alexander Bacher
TBD Steffen Berge Kommedal
TBD Adrian Jektvik
TBD Vetle Paus Knudsen

Erik Innleggen
Frits Caris

Team Manager: Paulina Mroczek
Head Coach: Jan Omelanczuk

TBD Sebastian Górniak
1.0 Tomasz Ksiazek
2.0 Pawel Sierakowski
2.0 Leszek Łachmanowicz
2.0 Tomasz Depciuch
2.0 Piotr Wilamowski
2.0 Wojciech Marcinkowski
2.5 Mateusz Blazejewski
3.0 Łukasz Jankowski
3.0 Maciej Bartniak

Alicja Nowicka
Agnieszka Depciuch
Michal Spychala
Saturnin Łukasik

Team Manager: David Campón
Head Coach: Nicolas Coste

0.5 Cristhian Javer Páez
1.0 Pau Obregon
1.5 Pau Navarro
1.5 Javier Quiles
2.0 Oriol Monras
2.0 Sergio Escobar
2.0 Edgar Escolán
2.5 Marta Llauradó
2.5 Unai Gonzalvo
2.5 Demetrio González
2.5 Marc Subirón
3.0 Juan Tiján

David Benítez
Mariano Hurtado
Carlos González
Silvia Montero

Team Manager: Britt-Marie Mattson
Head Coach: Daniel Davoud
Assistant Coach: Pierre Karlén

0.5 Martin Bretz
1.0 Conrad Hildebrand
1.5 Lars Varnerud
2.0 Roger Lindberg
2.0 Fredrik Johnsson
2.5 Marko Norrbacka
3.0 Andreas Lilja

Bo Asp
Ellen Andreasson
Ali Alhamzah
Jonathan Quanz
Dan Äkäslompolo

Schedule and results

Opening ceremony2022 WWR European Qualification Championship
Court 1
CZE vs NORPool B
Court 1
AUT vs ESPPool A
Court 2
SWE vs NORPool B
Court 2
POL vs ESPPool A
Court 1
IRE vs FINPool B
Court 2
NED vs ISRPool A
Court 1
POL vs ISRPool A
Court 1
SWE vs FINPool B
Court 2
IRE vs CZEPool B
Court 2
NED vs AUTPool A
Court 1
AUT vs ISRPool A
Court 2
CZE vs FINPool B
Court 1
IRE vs NORPool B
Court 1
NED vs ESPPool A
Court 2
POL vs AUTPool A
Court 2
SWE vs CZEPool B
Court 1
ISR vs ESPPool A
Court 2
FIN vs NORPool B
Court 1
SWE vs IREPool B
Court 1
POL vs NEDPool A
Court 2
3A (Spain) vs 4B (Sweden)Crossover
Court 1
4A (Poland) vs 3B (Ireland)Crossover
Court 1
1A (Netherlands) vs 2B (Finland)Crossover
Court 1
2A (Israel) vs 1B (Czech Republic)Crossover
Court 1
9-10th PlacePlacing games
Court 2
7-8th PlacePlacing games
Court 1
5-6th PlacePlacing games
Court 2
Bronze FinalPlacing games
Court 1
Gold FinalPlacing games
Court 1

Pool A


Pool B





Welcome to Skien Sports and Activity Park (Skien Fritidspark)

We offer a multitude of opportunities all in one place – all year round you can experience summer and winter, combine training sessions with wellness, experience a sense of achievement and enjoy good food with good friends.

Since the late 1960s, the area around Moflata has been an area for organised and individual sports and physical activity, as well as a natural starting point for outdoor recreation. The new Skien Activity Park opened in 2008, and is the largest investment ever to be made by Skien municipality. We want to ensure that Skien Activity Park remains a park that is able to accommodate more than what is apparent at first glance. We know that life is lived longer, more intensely and with greater positivity if our health is good. We primarily achieve good health through three factors; exercise, food and rest. This is why our services are constructed round these three pillars. At Skien Activity Park you can exercise and play in a variety of ways, eat healthy good food, and rest either in a bed or in our recreation and wellness area all year round.

With these three factors in place, the park is also an arena for the experiences, both big and small, that give meaning to everyday life. As a spectator, you can witness the highest level of sports performance through a number of sports federations, and as a parent experience your child’s first unforgettable handball goal, swimming achievement, or their first time skating unsupported.

We want everyone to feel welcome, that you are able to experience a little more than you expected, and that you enjoy your time with us so much that you want to come back.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you all to Skien Activity Park – one of Norway’s most comprehensive sports and leisure parks.

Read more about the venue and what it has to offer here:
Hotel | Skien Fritidspark


The Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggeparken is beautifully situated on the quayside in central Skien. This modern hotel provides stunning views of the Telemark Canal, offering accommodation in a tranquil setting within easy reach of Skien’s main attractions.

Excellent location in Skien

The Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggeparken is located by the Telemark Canal in central Skien, with a great range of shops and restaurants right on your doorstep. Skien’s main attractions such as the Ibsenhuset cultural centre, the Brekkeparken park and the Bø Sommarland water park are also within easy reach. Although the hotel was built in 2001, it is reminiscent of the classic brick buildings that used to make up the old Langbryggene port area.

“Fika” and evening meal included

We do our utmost to ensure you have a calm and tranquil stay here at the hotel. For your convenience, we serve an evening meal every day between 6pm-9pm, and this is always included in your room rate. That way you never have to worry about where to go for dinner, because there’ll always be something to eat “at home”.

Hotel history

The Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggeparken is located in an area with a long maritime history. Skien was once Norway’s largest timber processing hub. Due to its large port, it then became Norway’s contact point with the rest of Europe. Although shipping activity has now subsided, the port area continues to be a central part of the city, with the Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggeparken a natural starting point for further exploration.


The Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggeparken is cash-free, which ensures greater security for our guests and visitors.

Read more and book your room here:
Booking code: 66185


Tuesday – Opening Ceremony and opening match – FREE
One day ticket Wednesday to Friday – 6 Euro / kr 60,- per day
Saturday Finals – 9 Euro / kr. 90,-
Week pass – 25 Euro / kr. 250,-
Handicap Liaison/assistant pass – Free (With “Ledsagerbevis”)
Kids under 12 years – Free with an adult

Seats available: 300


Contact and personell

Erik Baret

Event Director

Ina-Camilla Lysnes Baret

Transport and Antidoping

John Haagen Gjems

Arena manager

Per Thorkildsen

VIP manager

Lars Thorkildsen

Marketing and SOME

Carina Jørgensen

Head Table Official

Dave Mengyan

Head Commentator

Eron Main

WWR Technical Delegate

Alison Bridge

WWR Assistant Technical Delegate

Robert Lopez

Head Official

Jana Green

Chief Classifier

Attending nations

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