Snow Rugby

Snow Rugby is a fantastic variation of rugby, it is fast, furious and exciting. Very similar to beach rugby, but the sand is swapped out for snow!

Here are some quick facts:

  • Each team is made of 5 players, and there are rolling substitutions which means players can switch off and on (much like in basketball).
  • The snow pitch is 31 metres long (plus two 3 metre long try areas) and 25 metres wide.
  • Size 4 rugby ball must be used.
  • A match is 10 minutes long split into two 5 minute halves.
  • You are not allowed to kick the ball during the open play, and when the ball goes out of play in touch, then any player on the opposite team can simply throw the ball back into play.
  • Each try is worth 1 point.
  • A team kicks off with a free kick which must be taken at or behind the centre of the half- way.
  • After a score, the ball must be left where it was grounded. A player from the opponents of the team who scored may collect the ball and immediately take a restart kick from the centre of the half-way line.
  • Once a player is tackled, the player must immediately pass it on or release it for someone else to take.
  • There are no Rucks, Mauls, Lineouts OR Scrums in Snow rugby.
  • Whenever there is an infringement during a game, the opposition should be awarded taping go freekick.

Snow Rugby big hit

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