Organiser’s Guide


A rugby event is a collection of rugby matches all taking place in one place over a certain amount of time. In order for these events to be successful, there are a lot of things that need organising, ranging from administrative tasks to the actual play. Examples of tasks that need arranging:

  • Directions to the event and parking access.
  • Locker rooms for players, coaches and referees.
  • Good quality playing facility with seating, lighting, indoor facilities and clean.
  •  Audience facilities such as seating, speaker announcements, updates about the program via screens or booklets.
  • Information about dining options, toilets and emergency exit routes.
  • Advertising of the event, to show the work of the the hosting club.
  • Good hospitality.

As a general rule, all the ticket revenues go to the organising club. However, with the exception where there are joint events where the region or association are primarily responsible for the event.

NRF’s values are Joy, Respect & Unity. It is vital that these valises are displayed throughout the clubs and the events held. We encourage the event teams to wear similar clothing like tee shirts or vests, our values can then be printed onto these tops. Posters with the values can also be displayed around the while event To help spread the message.

Hosting clubs are encouraged to practice their hosting routines and their hospitality in preservation for holding events.

The event organiser must be a member of a club, be designated by the NRF or the chosen club.  The organiser is responsible for the event held in accordance with the tournament rues/competition rules.

It is recommended that the club create a committee or team with the responsible for all events in the club. Depending on the size and the needs for the club the committee can create smaller subgroups/smaller teams that can solve the practical tasks in accordance with each event.

The organiser is the middle man in communications between all parties when organising the event. He/she creates dialogue between tournament committee and referee committee.

Finances: A budget must be prepared for the event, and some events will be supported by the NRF. Click here for a budget template.

The club’s event committee/team should undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Prepare and operate guidelines and procedures for club events.
  • Prepare and maintain an event overview. (place, date, activity, teams, etc.)
  • Recruit volunteers for the events.
  • Designate the event manager and the team for each event.

Event Checklist:

  • Reserve the pitch and changing rooms.
  • The course must have adequate markings, rugby posts, post protectors and flags. Remember  separate changing rooms for players and referees including showering facilities.
  • Publicise match and invite teams to the tournament.
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