Become a Coach

You can become a coach through the NRF and the Norwegian Sports Federation using their coaching track:

  • Trainer 1 focuses on coaching of children and new comers to rugby.
  • The education begins with e-courses via the Norwegian Rugby Federation’s pages in the learning portal “click here to go to the portal“.


The training is organised for all the rugby variations; Rugby Union, Rugby League and Wheelchair Rugby. First there is a generic rugby session before specialising.

Trainer 1 course consists of:

  1. E-course from NIF: The coaches role, The children’s sport’s values, Pure athlete etc.
  2. E-courses from your activity (currently there are only courses available for wheelchair rugby and union).
  3. Collection of workshops and lectures on exercise management, anti-doping, basic first aid, etc.
  4. Activity-specific content content. This includes Level 1 courses from the International Rugby Union/Rugby League.
  5. Practice the part that you teach yourself.

The next level is Trainer 2, this is for those who have completed the course and the practice on the trainer 1 course. this course focuses on training older children and adults.

Contact the office for more information on the “coaching track”.

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