Start a Club or a Rugby Group

Contact you local sports club or the our office.


An overview of the sports circles can be found here:

We recommend looking into the local multi-sports teams/clubs that may want to add another sport to their club. This is much easier than trying to start one all on your own!


The Procedure:

Contact nearby sports teams. If they are interested in creating a team for rugby within their club, all you need is a decision at the clubs annual meeting. Once they have made the decision to create a group and join the special association, it is possible to apply for admission to the Norwegian Rugby Federation. This is done through the current sports circuits.

Start your own club/sports team:

You must appoint a committee of people who are interested and keen, then call for a statutory meeting. Here is a proposal on the agenda for a team foundation meeting.

For a sports team to form, you must have at least 10 people over the age of 15. This is, among other things, to fill the necessary positions on the club board. Once the initial meeting has been completed, applications  to join NIF and the Norwegian Rugby Federation can begin to be submitted. These applications can be submitted through the corresponding sports circuits using the electronic application form you can find here.

Adopted law (read and signed), member list [template] and protocol [proposal for a protocol] from the foundation meeting are all attached here.


Financial responsibilities asa club/member of the Norwegian Rugby Federation.

  • The annual membership equals 100,- per club to the Norwegian Rugby Federation.
  • All members are automatically enrolled in the federation, as long as they have paid the membership for the club and are registered in the club admin.
  • If the player is to participate in a match, they must have an individual license (for each individual player).
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