Trondheim Rugby Klubb

Trondheim Rugby Klubb

Trondheim Rugbyklubb (TRK), representing Rugby in Trondheim (Union, League, Touch, Women and Wheelchair):

Rugby is a fun and social sport for all, promoting the values of inclusion, integrity and friendship.
Physical and mental fitness, respect and communication are just some of the valuable skills players develop.
Open to all, students or non-students, expats and locals, men and women. We work closely together with the student based NTNUI Rugby club.


Contact:  Send us a message on our facebook page or an email to


Training: We train together with the NTNUI Rugby team and have training for both men and women age 18 and above. Mondays training sessions are for newbies, but they are welcome any other training as well.


We also have a special offer for people with disabilities, to play Wheelchair Rugby.
Find more information on our Facebook page.

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    Uansett om det er spilling, dømming, trening eller frivillig arbeid, finn din lokale klubb for å bli involvert i rugby.



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