Invitasjon U20-samling (league)

U20 National Training Camp 4-6 September 2015 This camp is the first of a number of camps to develop players

U20 National Training Camp 4-6 September 2015

This camp is the first of a number of camps to develop players under 20 years old. To become the next generation of national players. In order to achieve this, the first camp will be open to all U20s.

The 2 main benifits of this are:

It gives everyone the chance to come to a training weekend with people around the same age as them and allows them to take what they have learned back to their clubs. And it gives the U20s Training Team the chance to look at players develop their skills and pass on knowledge to these players to take back to their clubs.

Mission statment

It is the U20 Training Teams mission to develop players to a high standard to represent Norway at an international level.


The aim is to develop over the next 5 years, players who will move into the national team and take Norwegian Rugby League to a higher standard. As well as building a team that have worked together on the pitch for a period of time that know how each other work on the pitch.

To give players a better understanding of the game through:

Respecting other players.
A full insight into the game.
Understanding set play and drills.
Understanding their positions and role on rugby pitch.
Fitness programs for their positions and body types.
And understanding Rugby League Norway’s Ethos.

Outline plan for 4-6 september

Friday 4th September:

  *07:00-19:00 to travel to Oslo check into Anker hostel.

*20:00 everyone meet small into from Training Team plus Outline of Saturday.

Saturday 5th September:

*07:00 08:30 Breakfast.

*08:30 Meet outside hostel walk to training area.( Voldsløkka )

*09:00 Fitness assessment

*10:00-13:00 Split into three groups with your coach. Basic skills exercises.

*13:00-13:30 Break.

*13:30-16:00 Basic drill progress on to other drills.

*17:00 Anti doping talk ( Ullevål )

*On completion evening meal pizza.

*19:00 Move back to Anker hostel. Watch some rugby and talk as Group.

Sunday 6th September:

*0700-08:30 Breakfast

*08:30 Check out Anker hostel.

*09:00 Meet outside move to training ground (Voldsløkka)

*09:30 Training under your coaches.

*12:00 Break.

*12:30-13:30 Training under coaches.

*14:00 Matches (7 mins each way)

*16:00 debrief on weekend and questions. Make your way back home.

Coaches: Joshua Skidmore-Hornby. Isaac Schmidt. Dave Hunter.

Notes: As this is going on Brett Coffey will be walking around pulling people out for extra help if needed.

Kit list for U20s

Water bottle.
Wash kit.
Mouth guard.
Rugby boots.
2x Rugby shorts.
3x Tops to train in.
Note pad.
4x passport photos name on back.

U20s Training Team

Tackling pads.
Rugby balls.
Touch Rugby kit.
First Aid kit.

All those that sign up you will need to send email to Anne haigh on to confirm your coming and pay 300kr into Bank account 1207 93 51383 mark in comments your full name.

If you are under 18 then you will need to attach letter from your parents giving permission and a doctors note. This is a requirement within sport in Norway.

Cut off date for people to sign up will be 10 August so sign up now.

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