New Coach in Innlandet Rugby Club.

From national woman’s team coach in Jordan to Hamar; The Innlandet rugby club has been very lucky to get a new coach: Liam Robertson will co-coach the club’s players to new heights.


Despite Covid-19 restrictions, the new Innlandet Rugby club aims to become one of the best clubs in Norway. With a new coach, he wants the club to aim for the top in the new season.

Liam has been playing rugby in Newcastle since the age of six. Through his work in the WHO, he has travelled extensively around the world and has found rugby teams wherever he has worked. In Jordan, he helped start a small touch rugby team with players from the British Embassy. Despite being a small sport in Jordan, the game gradually became more and more popular with teams now participating in international championships, including in Dubai.

In 2019, Robertson was offered to coach the national team for women, which he coached for a short period before the pandemic occurred.

– “My wife is from Hamar, and after many years abroad, she wanted to settle in Norway”, says Liam.

– “We moved to Hamar and I was incredibly well received by the rugby community that exists here. In Norway, rugby is in its infancy, it is difficult for people to find chances to play.  There are also very few Norwegians who know the game, but as soon as they have got a ball in their hands and got to know the game, most people are involved and love the sport.”

What is your advice to the Norwegian Rugby Association?

– “I have played rugby all over the world and my advice is this: Organize as many tournaments in touch as possible as soon as the restrictions are eased. Touch is a great way to get people interested in the game.”

“I am overwhelmed by the reception I have received from Rugby Norway and especially from Innlandet Rugby Club,” Liam concludes. – “I look forward to contributing as a volunteer and helping to promote rugby in Norway, as soon as I have “landed” here in Hamar and do not have to travel back and forth to Jordan for work.”

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